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UZ TRAVEL CARD is an international discount platform.

UZ TRAVEL CARD includes all organizations interested in clients and advertising around the world. The platform works in the direction of international tourism, without dividing the form of ownership. In this project you can leave your comments and reviews without registration. Partners who, in turn, provide discounts on their services and goods to other project participants and clients at the same time receive discounts for themselves or for their company.

1. TRAVEL CARD is issued to all individuals regardless of citizenship.
2. TRAVEL CARD PARTNER is issued only to organizations and private entrepreneurs.
3. TRAVEL CARD FREE is issued to active participants and partners of the promotion for free.
1. TRAVEL CARD can be purchased: By activation on the project website, at the offices of the company and partners, in hotels, restaurants, as well as at the airport and railway stations of the country.

- The term of the card and the terms of use are provided in platform website.
- The cardholder is provided with all discounts from partners registered on the site.
- Discounts can be obtained for the entire validity period of the card according to the announcement on the platform.
- Discounts are also provided throughout
- The conditions and amount of discounts are set by the partners themselves, project participants on the site
- Organizations can also purchase cards to provide their customers and issue
cards as bonuses or a gift from their companies.  
2. TRAVEL CARD PARTNER provides an opportunity for the partner
UZ TRAVEL CARD! The platform is a discount program for all cardholders.

1. Your company provides discounts based on the platform mechanism itself, by publishing on the platform in your section for all clients of UZ TRAVEL CARD.
- Clients and partners choose an object of their choice, the platform is rated, the more views and comments your object is rises to the top lines of the platform automatically without human intervention.

2. In cooperation with UZ TRAVEL CARD, your company will receive a TRAVEL CARD PARTNER discount card for free and access to receive all discounts from other platform partners around the world.

3. All UZ TRAVEL CARD holders will receive discounts. This program was created to receive discounts! The size of the commission for discounts remained in that country with the partner or client.
And you also get
- Free advertising on the platform based on cooperation. - Free advertisements in social networks
- Get a free base of clients and partners around the world. Since, according to the terms of the platform, addresses and contacts are published for all partners in their section.
- You receive calls for free, since all your contacts and addresses will be indicated on the site in your section so that customers can call and write to you at direct.
- Get a free tour around the world for the promotion on the dates selected.

- The term of the card and the terms of use are provided on the platform website.  
- This card gives the owner a free one-time tour both in Uzbekistan and abroad within a certain period. Information for this service is published on the project website
- The organization will be included as a partner in various actions on the territory of Uzbekistan, which, in turn, raises the authority and advertising of its services and goods. (Free)

Commercial offer for the discount program

UZ TRAVEL CARD invites you to provide and receive discounts all over the world

What is this UZ TRAVEL CARD

Our project is based on the following aspects:

Each company can become a Project Partner and provide discounts on goods and services using UZ TRAVEL CARD discount cards. Each partner can become a member of the project and receive discounts on goods and services using Travelcard.uz discount cards.

UZ TRAVEL CARD why do you need it?

Additional advertising on a resource with high traffic;
Opportunity to communicate with the cardholder directly;
Periodic discounts for advertising on the platform www.uztravelcard.com  www.travelcard.uz 
This card is one of the tools for building loyalty to your company;
Enhancing the image and prestige of the company;
There is no need for the production of discount cards;
You can choose the conditions for granting discounts yourself;
Discount travel cards UZ TRAVEL CARD without using special equipment.
The UZ TRAVEL CARD travel discount program is an opportunity to reach a new level, get free advertising and increase your sales!

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